Favorite Aviation Moments

Time for a break!

We’re getting to that point in the year (at least academically) we need to have something fun to read or do.  I’m currently in the midst of midterms, technical (aka, not fun) writing, and projects, so I’ve decided to share some of my favorite aviation moments.  The great thing about aviation is that planes come with more than one seat!  This means you can bring people!  So, I’ll share several photos and tell a little story about each one and what it means to me.

Where it all began…

I first got into aviation through the Civil Air Patrol, the Auxiliary of the US Air Force.  I actually didn’t start flight training until after I graduated from high school, but getting my Pilot License is the whole reason I’m now pursuing aviation as a career field.

First Solo Cross Country!
First Solo on December 22, 2012!
Completion of my Private Pilot's License check ride on June 22, 2013!
Completion of my Private Pilot’s License check ride on June 22, 2013!

Going to Oshkosh…

If you’ve ever spent any time in Wisconsin, you’ve probably heard of Oshkosh where the biggest airshow in the country is held.  I’ve had the opportunity to go several times and love seeing all the aircraft, people, and airshows that are featured there.  I also love going with family and friends to share the joy of aviation.

You can’t help but see “Duggy” and smile!
Got to take my sister to Oshkosh a few years ago!
With Fifi!
This particular picture holds a special place in my heart as Adam was the individual who is honored through a scholarship that I continue to receive. He passed away in a tragic training accident while building hours to fly for the airlines. He continues to inspire me through his legacy and through his parents who have become close friends. Blue Skies & Tailwinds, Adam.

Flying with Friends!

This plane belongs to a good friend from my home airport Flying Cloud Field. This shot was totally by accident, but captures a heart-shaped lake with Dave & Sonja inside who’s airplane is a special part of their own love story.
Nothing like seeing so many aircraft lined up to celebrate flight!
This aircraft rolling from base to final is a thing of beauty. Getting to be an aerial photographer was a challenging situation, but the most fun I’d ever had.
Probably my all-time favorite shot that I’ve taken. The beautiful aircraft with a wooden prop set in front of a lake in Minnesota.
This candid photo of my friend Pete (and company) is a great example of all pilots and their inability to resist watching every single plane…
My friend Aaron and his son were able to fly together! It’s such a joy watching the next generation getting to experience the fun.
My friend Greg pumped and ready to have some flying fun!

The Tear Jerkers…

Flight to Two Harbors, MN with my old flight instructor a few summers ago. We have too much fun.
Each of these individuals were an integral part of my time in the Civil Air Patrol — I owe so much to them. And we know how to have fun.
My home base: Flying Cloud Field!
Getting to take my dad flying is pretty rare! He always tells me he lives vicariously through me when it comes to aviation. Love you, Dad!
Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport at night — a rare opportunity to capture the busyness.

Some of the favorites..

Woody was my Designated Pilot Examiner when I was getting my checkride for my Private Pilot’s License. We’ve become friends and flying with Woody is always an adventure.
20150317-20150320 070
Favorite flight to date is getting to ride the Embraer 120 on one of its last flights into Vernal, Utah. It was retired recently in May.
This picture was taken a few years before I came to UND. I knew after that visit that UND was the place for me.
First acrobatic flight in a Super Decathlon! I can’t wait to get my acrobat rating!
Getting the opportunity to be on the UND Air Race Classic Team was a great experience — it was a privilege to represent my university.

Speaking of favorites, check out GlobalAir for their used airplane listings!  We can always dream right???


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